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New lunch programs open in Iowa & Nebraska!

Posted on: September 1, 2017   |   Category: News

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Lunchtime Solutions Inc. staff have been busy! We jumped into our 20th school year with five new school lunch programs to operate, bringing our total number of operations to more than 50. Our regional and area directors, along with general office staff, fanned out across two states to help these new kitchens implement our programs.

At Ballard Community School District in Huxley, IA, we expanded entree selections for all K-12 students. Middle schoolers get grill sandwiches every day, alongside a twice weekly sub bar and pizza three times a week. The high schoolers have even more choices, with a rotating specialty entree bar. And at St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Elkhorn, NE, all K-8 students went from having only one entree choice to around a dozen each day. The best part is all of these entrees are included with the price of a regular meal!

Students have been telling our staff how much they love the improved selections and quality they get with our program, including our unlimited fruit and veggie bar at all of our schools. And that’s exactly what we like to hear!

Many thanks to the food service staff at all of our operations for their hard work and dedication this school year in serving delicious and healthy food to students across the Midwest!