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Procurement & Purchasing

Procurement & Purchasing Procedure | Lunchtime Solutions

Lunchtime Solutions invests in ensuring compliance with all federal procurement regulations. Our dedicated Purchasing Manager procures the right products for our menus, with focus on high quality ingredients, exceptional taste and cost control to ensure the best possible prices to our customers. Relationships with key suppliers are built to maintain quality of goods and timely delivery of products.

Procurement with Purpose

  • Promotes the use of USDA food commodities on menus
  • Tracks and monitors purchasing to comply with the Buy American provision
  • Works with our Compliance Manager and Culinary Manager to effectively add creative and compliant options for students
  • Selects suppliers based on mandated criteria that best benefit our district customers, with reliability, service record and pricing at the forefront of decision-making
  • Supports operations with location-specific guidance and recommendations for suppliers
  • Assists the Lunchtime Culinary Team with keeping menus fresh by sourcing new ingredients or products based on culinary trends and innovations
  • Negotiates all annual and specialty pricing
  • Assurance of value over cost to maintain taste integrity of all recipes
James Coleman

For more information please contact James Coleman, Purchasing Manager, at 605-235-0939 or email him here.

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The Lunchtime employees make all the aspects of our breakfast/lunch program run smoothly. From ordering to cooking to serving, Lunchtime provides us with everything we need.

- Rick Weber, Superintendent
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