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Community Involvement & Supporting Schools | Lunchtime Solutions

Lunchtime Solutions does much more than provide fresh and healthy foods for students. We also strive to enrich the communities we work in with a variety of initiatives. A few examples of our fresh approach to community efforts include:

Local Purchasing

We are committed to buying locally grown produce and other foods when possible. We source and purchase thousands of pounds of local fruits, vegetables and beef annually.

Menu Event Days

Special menu days where the community is highlighted with special community servers, food drives, and other community support.

Summer Feeding Programs

Lunchtime Solutions works with schools to expand and promote their summer feeding programs into a community asset that enhances the summer health, well-being and connection students and other community members have to their schools.


Lunchtime Solutions supports schools in their efforts to initiate school waste reduction and management programs that help students make connections between consumption, waste and the need to conserve natural resources. Our WasteWisdom™ program strives to engender a sense of student involvement and responsibility by honoring the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

To learn more about Lunchtime Solutions and our community efforts, please call 605-235-0939 or send us an email.

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There are couple of reasons I like working with Lunchtime. Everyone associated with Lunchtime have been fantastic to work with and supportive of the Stanberry staff and students. Lunchtime listens to our request and works to accommodate where and when they can.

- Bob Heddinger, Superintendent
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