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Our Recipe For Success

Lunchtime Solutions Company Values | Pride, Purpose and Commitment

At Lunchtime Solutions we take pride in everything we do. We understand the importance of proper nutrition for student success and the lifetime benefits that come from a healthy diet.

We support our schools through close partnerships, commitment to transparencies and open communication.

Our focus on excellence and fresh, healthy foods can be seen in how we operate every day.

Values We Live

Take Pride In What You Do

Embrace the responsibility we have, and make the difference by deeply caring about what we do and who we do it for.

Focus on Customer Success

Success is when students, families, administrations and communities all win from our approach to school nutrition.

Be a Person of Integrity

Be honest and do the right thing.

Drive to Improve

Utilize your training and skills to generate happiness through great food and service, and seek higher levels of performance.

Do it With Passion

Approach new challenges with creativity, resourcefulness and agility, react quickly and effectively to provide solutions. Know that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.

Express Gratitude

Recognize effort, achievement, personal growth, and customer success whenever and wherever it happens.

Work as a Team

Earn trust and build upon it by believing that most everyone comes from good intentions; genuinely care about one another.

Pursue Lasting Partnerships

Create and cultivate meaningful and lasting partnerships with customers, team members, suppliers and communities. Go out of your way to help others.

Embrace a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Be flexible and understand the need to monitor and adjust the balance of achievement, enjoyment, and family.

Our Mission

Inspiring healthy food choices while delivering exceptional customer experiences.
Fueling the minds of the future.

To learn more about Lunchtime Solutions please call 605-235-0939 or send us an email.

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Honest dialog and open communication was a critical component to making this a successful partnership. Lunchtime has changed my way of thinking. They are a partner, not a vendor. I could write all day about this!

- Lance Swanson, Director of Communications
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