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Lunchtime Solutions professionally manages the food service operations for schools throughout the Midwest. Launched in 1997, the locations served by Lunchtime have grown quickly based on the fresh, healthy and contemporary quality of the food service experience provided to students, faculty and staff, along with the professional food service management services provided to the schools administration.

It’s Time for Fresh

Lunchtime Solutions prides itself on using locally sourced and grown food. Our menu options are filled with healthy choices, creating a nutritious, cost effective and reimbursable meal. Not only do students have several entree choices each day, they also have access to an unlimited fruit and veggie bar that they may revisit as many times as they like. We’re always focused on providing innovative food options that are on trend, and meet all guidelines and requirements.

More Food for the Family Dollar

Lunchtime Solutions delivers food service to you that is different from all others. Instead of up-charging students, or setting premium price meals and holding the best foods away from the regular menu to sell a la carte, we include everything we can into the student meal. This makes Lunchtime Solutions the best value out there for your families.

Your Goals, Our Mission, a Fresh Approach

Inspiring healthy food choices while delivering exceptional customer experiences.
Fueling the minds of the future.

To learn more about Lunchtime Solutions, and to discuss your specific needs, call 605-235-0939 or send us an email.

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Honest dialog and open communication was a critical component to making this a successful partnership. Lunchtime has changed my way of thinking. They are a partner, not a vendor. I could write all day about this!

- Lance Swanson, Director of Communications
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