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About Lunchtime Solutions | A fresh approach to food service programs

A fresh approach to food service programs

Since 1997 Lunchtime Solutions has been providing schools in the Midwest a healthy and delicious choice for their food service programs.

Our experienced managers, nutritionists, chefs and dedicated team members are committed to providing schools innovative menu items, engaging food education opportunities and fresh, locally sourced options.

When schools partner with Lunchtime Solutions, they maintain complete control over their program, including menus, prices charged and all other aspects of their food service offerings. We are always happy to share our years of experience and provide recommendations to help schools reach their food service goals.

We remain in close contact with the schools we work with and invite you to contact us with your comments, compliments, questions, or concerns.

You can count on our fresh approach, including:

  • A student first approach
  • Responsive service
  • 100% program compliance
  • Accurate and clear documentation
  • Strict budget adherence
  • Inclusion of locally grown foods
  • Engaging food education
  • Fresh and delicious options kids love

To learn more about Lunchtime Solutions please call 605-235-0939 or send us an email.

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I appreciate that all of the compliance regulations are being monitored and adhered to. I love that our kids have access to unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables every day and there is such a variety.

- Brenda Dougan, Superintendent
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