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Our Recipe for Healthy Kids

We recommend that schools adopt a program with “No snacks without first purchasing a complete meal”. We have proven success with this approach. Most other food management companies structure programs and a la carte offerings that lead high school students AWAY from complete meals and nutrition.

Awesome tray shot from Hershey NE

Unlimited fresh fruits and vegetables, 8-12 choices per day, are included with every student lunch on a self-serve food bar. This is stocked daily with the most popular fruits and vegetables with kids, and with some new varieties to try. It is well documented that student consumption of fruits and vegetables skyrockets with this program. This all-grades, every-day feature is so much more than just offering a salad bar as an option.

School Garden in F&V bar edit

Farmers Market Selections features are supported with educational posters and materials that informs students and families about the nutritional benefits of including these foods into lifelong eating habits.

Hayward Corn Shuck

Lunchtime Solutions works with over 30 different local farms and growers to bring the freshest produce and other foods to the lunch menus.

Local grower used in Nebraska

Lunchtime Solutions works with over 45 different local farms and growers to bring the freshest produce and other foods to the lunch menus.


Lunchtime Solutions offers to partner with school groups that are raising school gardens. Financial assistance is available for supporting school grown food, and integrating the yield into the school meal programs for full-circle food production learning.

Hastings Middle School Garden V2

Students are exposed to new flavors and food concepts not typically seen in school food service. This provides first-hand knowledge of how healthy cooking can look and taste so great. Nutrition learning days are held at elementary schools.

Chef Joe Fannon at a Chef Demo School Day Chef Prepared Entree - Shimp Jambalya

Lunchtime solutions is committed to minimizing the waste stream from foodservice, and will continue to develop solutions for the district’s operations to further this objective for sustaining our planet.