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Lunchtime Solutions Food Example
Lunchtime Solutions Food Example

Dr. Becky Guffin, Superintendent

Aberdeen Public School District

(Transcript) Hi, I’m Doctor Becky Guffin. I am currently serving as Superintendent of the Aberdeen Public Schools and I work directly with Lunchtime Solutions in our food service program.

We started our relationship with Lunchtime Solutions right after the pandemic and we were so thankful to have them as our partner. At that time, many individuals were going through a very difficult time, especially with food supply chain issues, and we were still able to maintain all of the food choices for our students. We’re still offering fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, a variety of foods as well as many different options for our students. Lunchtime Solutions has used all of their tools to ensure that our students are very well taken care of even during a very, very challenging time.

One of the ways that they have been a tremendous help is with our finance office. We do get a detailed report at the end of every month that explains exactly what’s happening with the food service program. And it has really taken the burden of our food service staff as well as our business management staff. I personally choose to eat school lunch almost every day as my schedule will allow, and I have found it to be a tremendous product. I love the choices. I love the fresh fruits and vegetables. I like the opportunity that I can grab a lunch that I feel good about eating and it’s very convenient for me as well. But it is really a tremendous opportunity to be able to enjoy school lunch.

Again, I would highly recommend working with Lunchtime Solutions. They have been with us every step of the way. If there were ever any issues that we had, Lunchtime has a whole host of individuals on their staff that have the expertise in this area, which is very difficult to find. School lunch is a very different process than any other food service industry. And we really value the expertise that Lunchtime does provide with all the services that they do for our students.

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Lunchtime Solutions has enabled us to overcome stagnate and limited lunch options. With the tremendous variety and several options each day, our students and staff always have something that appeals to them.

- John Flanery, President
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