Shopping Safely

Grocery shopping is the first step to providing your family a wonderful meal. However, since your working with food there is also safety concerns. Below are some tips to help provide you and your family a safe shopping experience:

  • Concentrate on Cleanliness: Where you buy from is just as important as what you buy
    • Always make sure you are buying from a reputable company that looks and smells clean
    • If you reuse grocery bags, make sure you wash them often
  • Plot the path: When shopping it is important to minimize how long cold food is out of refrigeration
    • Always get your non-perishable first and move to the refrigerator then frozen items.
    • Your stop to the deli counter should be last.
    • Place cold and frozen items together in the cart to help keep them cold
  • Pick your Produce: Having fresh fruits and veggies is important to your family’s health
    • If visiting a Farmers Market, choose to go earlier in the morning to avoid produce that has sat out all day
    • Avoid produce that has mold, bruising, or cuts

  • Check Packaging: Packaging is designed to protect the integrity and increase the shelf life of food
    • There should be no holes, tears, openings. Also check for signs of leaking
    • Frozen foods should be solid with no signs of thawing
    • Cold foods should feel cold
    • Check safety seals and lids to assure they are all still intact
    • Avoid dented, bulging, or rusted canned goods
  • Inspect the Flesh: Raw meats should always be inspected for freshness
    • Fish should be firm and shiny with a fresh and mild odor
    • Meat and chicken should be bold in color and not grayed
  • Perfect your Packaging: How you handle your cart at check-out can help get it home easily and safely
    • When checking out, put frozen and cold items together. This will help keep things at the proper temperature during transportation and help with unpacking
    • Keep all raw items packaged separately to avoid unintentional contamination

With the busy life we live, grocery shopping may seem like a chore. Be sure to add the ingredients for our Easy Budget Friendly Chili to your next grocery list.