Grilling Up a Good Meal

The warm summer nights are still in the air and ovens across America are turned off. Time to spark up the grill with some easy tips to fill up the bellies of your family with food safety in mind.

  1. Clean Your Machine: utilize the manufacturer instructions to clean your grill and remove old food and bacteria.
  2. Marinate Mindfully: When prepping your delicious cuisine, many like to marinate their meats to add flavor and tenderness. Try to plan ahead and make extra marinate to use while grilling. Using marinate that was sitting with the uncooked foods, is adding more than extra flavor.
  3. Separation During Transportation: when transporting your perfectly roasted meals, you should never use the same plate that contained the raw items. This avoids reintroducing bacteria that was killed during the cooking process, referred to as cross contamination.

     4. Dish Up Safety: While grilling, separate utensils should be used for the raw meat and the cooked products. This also avoids cross contamination with harmful bacteria that could certainly ruin your evening with family and friend.

     5. Cooked To The Core: Some foods can be partially cooked, while others require that you fully cook them. Items like fish, poultry, and pork should be thoroughly cooked to the proper temperatures to kill any bacteria that causes illness

     6. Wrapping Up for the Night: Once everyone has eaten, put your food into a refrigerator quickly. Keeping food out at room temperature allows harmful bacteria to grow at an accelerated rate.

Grilling is not just a summer sport any more. More than half Americans say they are now cooking outside year round. So whether the sun is shining or the snow is blowing, it’s important to keep food safety in mind to help avoid harmful bacteria from causing illness. Make sure to check out our Grilled Zucchini Boat Recipe. Bon Appetite!

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