To Juice or Not to Juice?

Every new year brings new food trends. Some are aimed to weight loss, while others are geared towards healthy eating habits. But what is juicing? Is it really good for you? Is it safe? Today I will help unravel some of your questions.

What it is?

Juicing involves a process where the natural liquids are extracted from raw fruits and vegetables. This process strips away any solid matter from the fruits and vegetables so you are left with only the liquid.

What safety concerns should I be aware of?

When fruits and vegetables are fresh-squeezed or used raw, bacteria from the produce can end up in your juice. When preparing juice at home be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and produce under cool running water. For harder fruits, you should scrub with a produce brush to get off any debris. In addition to removing contaminates from the outside, you will also want to cut away any bruises areas. It is also important to mention, due to the potential for contamination, these should be consumed right away but can be

What are the pros?

It is thought that most people eat the same 15 foods each week. Sounds crazy, but I think the majority of us stick to what we have on hand and what we know. Many health advocates state juicing helps you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables as well as adding variety. Juicing recipes incorporate many different fruits and vegetables that you may not normally know how to or enjoy using. It is also a great way to utilize over ripe produce that might not be usable from raw state. These benefits are all rolled up into an easily transportable meal on-the-go bursting with flavor and nutrients.

What are the cons?

While juicing offers many nutrients, it is not as healthy as eating the whole foods. In order to get juice from many fruits and vegetables, you need a lot of raw produce to get a little juice. This can lead to a huge grocery bill and an increases in sugar intake while removing the pulp that contains the fiber.  In addition, you must set aside time to prepare the produce as well as the juice.

Juicing is a personal choice but being an educated consumer will allow you to make the best option for your lifestyle. Another idea, if you are looking at trying to consume more fruits and vegetables, is the blended smoothie route. Check out our Peach Strawberry Veggie Smoothie to test out a blended veggie smoothie at home.