Fall Super Foods

Just because summer has come and gone, does not mean that fresh produce and healthy eating has to as well. Actually, fall brings a whole new flavor profile to the dinner table.  These amazing superfoods are hitting their peak growing season and can be found Farmer’s Markets and Local Grocery Stores:

 Apples: Full of antioxidants and fiber, especially in the skin, carry many health benefits such as combatting diseases, digestion, and possibly weight loss.

Harvest Season: August- November

Brussel Sprouts: These bite size morsels are bursting with Vitamin K and Folate to help promote cardio vascular health.

Harvest Season: September- March

Parsnips: Even though these veggies resemble carrots, they have a lighter color with a sweeter nutty flavor. They are a great source of potassium that helps reduce blood pressure.  

Harvest Season: October-April

Pears: These funky fruits are a great source of Vitamin C, Copper and Fiber. Copper has a role in promoting immune function and bone density as well as relieving arthritis.

Harvest Season: August-February

 Rutabaga: A cross between a turnip and a cabbage, these little gems are packed with Fiber and Vitamin C to keep you

Harvest Season: October-April

Cauliflower: This sweet, slightly nutty flavored veggie pairs great with hearty meals and packed with phytonutrients that lower cholesterol.

Harvest Season: September-June

Squash: Unlike summer squash, winter squash has a fine texture and a slightly sweet flavor. Packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids it can be stored for months due to its thick skin.

Harvest Season: October-February

Sweet Potatoes: More nutritionally dense than their white-potato counterparts, these little spuds are an excellent source of Vitamin A and iron.

Harvest Season: September-December

 Turnips: Tender and mild, these root vegetables are a great alternative to radishes and cabbage. The entire root vegetable can be eaten with the root bursting with Vitamin C and the leaves are packed with Vitamin A, K, and folate

Harvest Season: September-April

Grapefruit: This offers a contrast to other citrus fruits with its signature tartness. With more than 75% of your daily recommended intake (DRI) of vitamin C, this sour gem makes a real statement.

Harvest season: September-April

With all the variety available, your dinner table can remain colorful throughout the entire year. Be sure to check out a fall favorite recipe, Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup.